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Deer Antler Velvet – A Sexual and Reproductive Tonic for Girls?

Deer Antler Velvet – A Sexual and Reproductive Tonic for Girls?

While deer antler velvet extract “pantocrin” is regarded as the top primal tonic for adult men, in Russia it is extensively approved for females, especially in treating menstrual problems and cutting down the consequences of menopause.

Western drugs encourages hormonal substitution remedy (HRT) for women at menopause, which administers reduced doses of oestrogen to girls in get to compensate for the remarkable fall in the quantity of oestrogen remaining developed by the ovaries. It is a contentious remedy, with reports demonstrating that in the shorter phrase HRT may possibly deal with the depleting consequences of menopause but as reports exhibit, it could unleash appreciably increased health risks this kind of as thrombosis and uterine most cancers afterwards in lifestyle.

Girls trying to get fewer invasive strategies to accurate hormonal concerns all through menopause, which can be a time of intensive physical and psychological distress, might be pleased to find out that in Russia pantocrin and rantarin [deer velvet extracts] are officially recommended for menopausal difficulties, as properly as for delayed and abnormal menstrual cycles.

Fulder states, “Pantocrin [deer velvet extract] was determined as currently being quite helpful in reduced sexual operate and menopausal ailments of circulation, in depression and psychological issues, and agony in the joints.” Fulder continues that some of the menopausal females medicated in this way with deer velvet even started to menstrate.

Brekhman mentioned: “A selection of reviews particularly pressured the therapeutic result of pantocrin [antler velvet extract] in various types of intercourse-similar problems in adult men and gals, specifically linked with climacteric syndrome.”

Ladies having deer velvet have noted lowered indicators of pre-menstrual syndrome, even to the level where durations come about with out discomfort. They have also described heightened sexual curiosity, an intensity of erotic desires, and a feeling of becoming in touch with reserves of critical electrical power. This tends to make deer velvet a extremely desirable sex tonic for ladies.

Although Pantocrin [antler velvet extract] administered to juvenile male mice prompted an enlargement of their reproductive glands, identical experiments had been carried out in Russia by Brekhman and Taneyeva to investigate the gonadotrophic motion of pantocrin on woman mice. From these experiments an raise was verified in the excess weight of the intercourse glands of the analyzed mice. and also an greater count of oestrus cycles.

Regardless of whether the influence is on guy or lady, deer velvet antler seems to have a significant strengthening and balancing influence upon the hormones. As Teeguarden states, “pantocrin has been verified to be helpful to metabolic process, to the heart, central nervous technique and brain, to the reproductive program.”

For 1000’s of many years Chinese girls have been approved deer antler velvet for minimal libido and “feminine reproductive debility”. Chinese ladies use antler velvet to maximize fertility, then whilst pregnant to strengthen the wellbeing of mother and kid. They acquire deer velvet in the course of childbirth to support in the baby’s delivery, and later on as a standard tonic to strengthen breast mild creation and restore and rejuvenate the mother’s electricity and wellbeing.

In blend with all-natural organic blood tonics like dong quai, deer velvet is an essential addition to the woman’s pharmacopeia.