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How Often Should You Use Hair Straightener?

How Often Should You Use Hair Straightener?

With the introduction of professional hair straighteners, it has become very easy and hassle free for women of today to style their hair by themselves without depending on hair salons. This has made them to make use of flat irons frequently to accomplish different styles whenever they wish to. However, the regular use of flat irons on the hair can cause serious damages due to the frequent exposure and heat and pressure on the hair. Therefore, it is advised to reduce the use of stylers. But some women have unmanageable and wavy hair that looks horrible without being styled. In such a case, they require to style the hair on daily basis. Here are some guidelines for women who need to style their hair frequently with a flat iron.

When it is not possible to minimize the use of styling tools regularly, you need to look out for other alternative that can help. In such a condition, choose the best quality straightner that can be used on the hair frequently but does not pose any danger to the hair. Ceramic straighteners are specially designed for such people who need frequent hair styling with a flat iron. Healthy hair can withstand most of the heat of a thermal styling iron. But if you have a fragile or fine hair, the possibility of heat damage is higher that means you can’t use straightening rods more often. With a ceramic device, you can style your hair even more than 3 to 5 times a week without much damage.

The most important thing is to maintain the health of your hair so that it can withstand frequent styling. You should maintain a healthy hair by cleaning and using good conditioner and moisture rich shampoo regularly. This will help in minimizing the stress of the device and retain the natural moisture and oils during styling. Keep your hair hydrated and cleaned always. You should prepare it before using a flat iron. Try nutrient rich conditioners so that you can avoid hair breakage and split ends after styling. Applying heat protection sprays and setting the temperature to the lowest while styling is also essential.