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MAC Cosmetic Company – The Inside Scoop on Makeup Art Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetic Company – The Inside Scoop on Makeup Art Cosmetics

The MAC cosmetic company, also known as Makeup Art Cosmetics, is an internationally sold brand of cosmetics that originally became famous without any advertising. Instead, it cultivated its amazing popularity only through word of mouth endorsements by professionals in the field of makeup. From models and celebrities to professional makeup artists, they all had MAC on their lips (in both the literal and figurative senses). The company was created in 1985 in Toronto, Canada by Franks Toskan and Angelo. Frank Toscan was a photographer and makeup artist and Frank Angelo owned a chain of salons, making their partnership perfect for a cosmetic line.

Unlike other brands (both expensive and drug store), MAC cosmetic brands will hold up to the most makeup terrorizing conditions you can imagine. From really hot, bright lights to sweating while working out, MAC makeup won’t fade, discolor or smear. Also, a lot of times when you buy a color of lipstick or eyeshadow the color is different on you than it is in the container. In fact, it can be a real crap shoot when it comes to whether or not the stuff will look good on you. With MAC, however, what you see is what you get. That obnoxious shade of electric blue that the eyeshadow appears to be will actually look like that when you put it on.

For me, the best thing about the MAC cosmetic company is the fact that they are so socially conscious. They currently have four social initiative programs that are currently in place that raise money and awareness for cruel free beauty, recycling, kids helping kids and AIDS causes. Even though MAC was taken over by the Estee Lauder Companies, the MAC AIDS Fund continues to generate income through the sale of the Viva Glam MAC products.