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Marpac 980A White Noise Machine – Sleep Soundly At Last

Marpac 980A White Noise Machine – Sleep Soundly At Last

We first knew we had to do something when I became convinced that our upstairs neighbors had bought wooden shoes for their two children. We found that a white noise machine could make a huge difference and protect us from much more noise pollution as well.

Noise is recognized by many people as one of the major problems of the 21st Century. We all live on top of each other, so it seems that every small sound in one apartment is noise pollution for someone else in the building.

Noise is especially a problem when you are trying to get off to sleep after a long hard day. We invested recently in a white noise machine, to dampen the noise from traffic and neighbors in and around our building.

The machine is simple to adjust and so light and compact that you can also take it on holiday with you, or on that important business trip where you must get a good night’s sleep.

The ‘white noise’ effect creates a sense of calm, as it hides the unwanted noises.

We bought one for our son to take to college with him, as his room was near to a noisy stair well. The amazing effect created by this machine means that he can concentrate and work, or relax and sleep in his college room. This works for him when he is not among those who are running up and down the corridors and stairs, or playing loud music late at night.

If you have a family member who is a light sleeper, or perhaps elderly, this machine is a great gift to improve the quality of their lives. So many people have invested in hard wood floors nowadays and the ‘white noise’ machine helps mask the banging of footsteps from above.

My cousin works as a therapist in a small practice downtown and she used the ‘white noise’ machine in her office, to try to ensure that the things she was discussing with her patients could not be overheard by the next patient, sitting close by in the waiting room. When your office is very small like hers and you are on a busy street it can be a Godsend.

We mainly use ours at special times of the year when our street is busy with visitors to the town and people returning home late at night. We also really appreciated it when our neighbours had a baby last year. We were able to make sure of a good night’s sleep, despite the crying sounds.

If you have any problems getting off to sleep, why not try out this splendid machine? It just might do for you what it has done for us.