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Most Popular Self Defense Products – The Top Ten

Most Popular Self Defense Products – The Top Ten

Self defense products have become a first line of defense for men women and kids throughout the world because they work. I have been a distributor of these products for nearly four years now and people frequently ask me which ones are the most popular. So here are my top ten most popular self defense products from my experience.

1. Telescopic Stun Baton-This versatile product is equally good against the bad guys as it is against charging dogs which is why it is #1. 800,000 volts in a 13 inch package that expands and electrifies to 21.5 inches at the touch of a button. It is rechargeable saving you money too.

2. Cell Phone Stun Gun-This powerful 800,000 stun gun is disguised as a cell phone giving the user a distinct advantage of surprise in an assault situation. The feature customers love about this product is the disable pin that prevents the stun device from being used against you should it be taken away.

3. Pretender Stun Gun- 950,000 volts is a stun weapon that is disguised as a camera cell phone. It has a lifetime warranty and comes with free batteries and a free holster. Now available in hot pink. One of the most powerful stun guns there is.

4. Wildfire Pepper Spray- Pepper spray is the most widely used self defense product in the world and has been for decades. While the “wildfire” brand is relatively new it is very popular because of its’ wide variety of sizes and potency. At 18% OC concentration it is one of the strongest in the marketplace.

5. C2 taser-The newest product in the taser line is geared specifically to women with its’ size and potent pink color as one color choice. The C2 is still the king of the hill when it comes to effectiveness at nearly 100% stopping power. Some have a hard time with the price starting at $299 and up but how much is your life worth?

6. Electronic Pocket Whistle- This is the most popular personal alarm we have. Press a button and a 120 db alarm sounds as long as the button is depressed. Many parents buy this alarm for their kids. It is the cheapest of all of the top ten at $15.95

7. Multi Function Stun Gun- The newest stun gun on the market and it just so happens to be the most powerful at 2.7 million volts. Disable pin, LED flashlight, alarm and red emergency flashing lights are the main features of this new stunner.

8. Guard Alaska Bear Spray- The most popular bear spray in the world. EPA approved and Sierra Club recommended this bear spray works on coyotes, mountain lions and any animal that has a sensitive sense of smell-all of them.

9. Electronic Dog Repeller- This popular device makes an ultrasonic noise only dogs can hear. Great for walkers, joggers and cyclists. May not work on aggressive breeds like pit bulls and Dobermans.

10. UFO Alarm- This personal alarm double as a burglar alarm, door/window alarm, flashlight and more.

There you have the top ten most popular self defense products. To me it is interesting that of the top 10 three of them have to do with animals. When are you getting some?