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The FAQ of Lingerie Parties

The FAQ of Lingerie Parties

Many people when they first think or are invited to a lingerie party thing of scantily clad women running around in their underwear however this is far from the truth of quality lingerie parties. Alternatively, there is a perception of either sinful act occurring or it being a fast-paced sales environment where you are being pushed into buying something you really does not want.

This is far from the way high quality lingerie parties are operated.

Really great lingerie parties should be fun and they should feel safe. Let’s face it, if you don’t feel safe then you are unlikely to buy any lingerie from the party hostess.

FAQ1: Are lingerie parties dirty or risqué?

The answer to this question is really simple; no they don’t have to be. In fact, the majority of lingerie parties that I have been to, have very strict rules as to what can and cannot occur at the party. This is done to ensure that the party appeals to people of all cultures and religious backgrounds.

FAQ2: Do I have to wear lingerie to the Party?

Generally the answer to this is no! Most quality lingerie party organisers will setout how the party will operate. If you are required to wear lingerie, they will tell you before the party and then provide you with a room to change before you enter the main party area. This ensures that you won’t have any problems with authorities before you get to the party.

FAQ3: What Happens At A Lingerie Party?

Lingerie parties can be run for many reasons, such as a party for a hens night, a bridal shower or to sell lingerie. Depending on the reason for the party will dictate what happens. Most lingerie parties are about having fun and a good time, you may expect to try on a range of lingerie, see new lingerie styles, play a few party games, eat be merry and have a few drinks.

You will also have time to look through hosts lingerie catalogs and the lingerie items on sale as well.

FAQ4: Do I need to bring anything?

This is a really good question and for most parties the answer is probably no, however in these economic times your host may ask you to bring a plate of food or your own drinks to simply lower the cost of running these parties. If you invitation doesn’t ask you to bring anything, then simply give the hostess or host a call.

FAQ5: What sort of Lingerie will be there?

The range of lingerie you will see at the lingerie party is really dependent on the hostess and the organisation they are from. A quality lingerie hostess will have identified the sort of clients who will be attending the party and brought a range that would suit. For example, if the client base was plus size then the hostess should ensure that the range of lingerie available is suitable for this size.

In general, the hostess should have a range of babydolls, chemise, corsets, bra sets, garters sets and gowns for you to view and try on.

FAQ6: Will I have to buy something?

Most lingerie parties do not require their guests to purchase any items however it is customary for you to purchase an item. This is usually done out of a sign of respect for the hostess however it is totally up to you.

FAQ7: Can I buy something after the party?

If you are going to a lingerie party operated by a lingerie company then they will definitely provide you with a website to access or order forms that you can use to buy the lingerie after the party. Sometimes you will find that the hostess is asked to collect the orders and provide that to the company rather than everyone doing it on their own. Check with the host or hostess as to what is their process.