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The Makiwara – How to Use it For a Serious Self Defense Training Tool

The Makiwara – How to Use it For a Serious Self Defense Training Tool

If you are a martial artist from any discipline then you could benefit from makiwara training, especially using the makiwara for a self defense training tool. The makiwara is a punching tool that is mounted to the ground. It strengthens the fists and also helps with other things. Read on to find out how you can use the makiwara for defense training.

The makiwara board is originally a Japanese invention from Okinawa used by practitioners of karate to strengthen their fists to be like a cement brick. You too can use the makiwara in your own dojo or home. They are fairly easy to make with a little instruction and some supplies from a home improvement store. You can also purchase a factory-build makiwara, but in order to get one that is strong enough to withstand years of training you will need to spend a few hundred dollars.

The makiwara can be a great training tool for self defense, because you can use it for many different drills. You can use the board for speed activities to get as many punches into your target in a certain amount of time. You can also use the makiwara to improve your footwork. Being able to dodge a punch or get out of the way during an attack is critical to surviving an altercation.

Another training technique that you can use is to mount very small striking targets at different places on your makiwara board. You can use these targeting techniques to practice eye gouging strikes, pressure point strikes, kicks, elbows, and finger techniques with speed and accuracy. There is no point in knowing a certain technique, such as the placement of a pressure point, without acutally knowing how to use it in an altercation.

By arming yourself with these makiwara training techniques you will be able to also project more confidence in public. Sometimes all it takes is the knowledge that you can defend yourself and your body language will do the rest. If your body speaks to the public and tells all would-be attackers that you are confident and won’t take any crap from people, you are much less likely to be attacked in the first place. Start training with your makiwara immediately and you will see results in many aspects of your martial arts life, include you confidence level on the street. The makiwara is truly a must-have tool for the martial arts world.